oh Rome, you sure know how to steal hearts.

Like some of you might know I just came back from a week-long vacation. My best friend and I thought it would be a good idea to explore the world a little bit. Since neither of is quite the adventurous type we decided to go for a city and a hotel. Even though we both come from a relatively small town, in our heart we both are city girls. We love shopping but also appreciate some nice architecture and culture. Rome seemed like the perfect place to go. And let me tell you, Rome does not disappoint.

Somewhere in my wildest dreams I've always wanted to be an architect. I love buildings. I love the detail and thought that goes into it. But unfortunately I can't draw to save my life. So I take joy in watching other people's work. Rome is one of those city's with an ancient vibe that feeds my soul.

Since our hotel was in the middle of basically everything we visited everything by foot. We only cheated once when taking the bus to the Vatican museum. But we walked the way back, I promise!
Doing everything by foot has two big advantages. One: you save a shit lot of money that you can spend on pizza later and two: you don't miss a thing. You walk past the most gorgeous little houses and big buildings. You discover cute little restaurants and vintage stores. It's really nice.

You are however exhausted by the time you get back to the hotel. BUT you have burned off all the calories from that delicious gelato.

I would definitely recommend going to Rome, although I have to warn you: you might not want to come back.


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